Mendelian Genetics

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Gregor Mendel, who is now considered as founder of classical genetics, ( Elrod S. & Stansfield w,2010), conducted a series of experiments using garden pea plants, his aim was to find a way of explaining to his fellow scientists who believed the blending theory which had been proposed earlier by Wiseman, that heredity involved the interaction of discrete separable factors (now known as genes) After a statistical analysis of the results of his experiment, Mendel came up with two Laws of Genetics, The first law called the law of segregation which states that there are pairs of particulate factors which control each trait and they segregate during gamete formation and then come together randomly at fertilization. The second Law, the law of independent assortment states that the inheritance of a certain gene is not affected by another gene on another chromosome. This current experiment is a replica of Mendel’s and it will show how his ideas still apply to nowadays phenomena. 1.2 OBJECTIVES:

The objectives of the experiment are:
To demonstrate how genes interact with each other to produce different appearances (phenotypes) •To relate Mendel’s laws of genetics to our current experiment using, red and striped beans respectively. •To apply statistics to our biological experiment i.e. using Chi-Square Technique

2.0 Materials and Methods
Two containers each had an equal number of red or striped beans were provided on the bench in the laboratory. Each container represented a parent and gametes were formed from these parents. Forty beans were selected randomly from each of the parent container (10 beans remained in each container) and the beans were placed in corresponded spaces on the bench. These spaces represented gametes. The number of beans of each color taken from each container was recorded. Without looking, one bean at a time from each of the gamete spaces were taken and paired into...

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