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Autodesk Maya



Create Breathtaking 3D.
Create innovative digital entertainment
with Autodesk Maya 2012, an end-to-end
solution for CG production at an
exceptional value.

I really like all the positive
steps taken in Maya 2012.
With the high-fidelity
viewport, enhancements
to Nucleus that open the
way for massive rigidbody simulations, and the
overall performance
improvements, Maya has
become more flexible,
powerful and modern.
Peter Shipkov
Technical Director
Digital Domain

Black Swan. Image courtesy of Look FX. © Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Modernize your pipeline and compete more effectively
with Autodesk® Maya® 2012 modeling, animation,
visual effects, rendering, and compositing software.
Whether you work in film, games, television, or
advertising, publishing, and graphic design production,
Maya 2012 offers state-of-the-art toolsets, combined
into a single affordable offering.
New Toolsets for Previsualization and
Games Prototyping
Today’s challenging productions demand modern
toolsets that enable you to make interactive decisions
in-context. Maya 2012 delivers new and enhanced
features to help you create more compelling
previsualizations and games prototypes, or experiment
and iterate more easily on your animations. From a
higher-fidelity Viewport 2.0 with full-screen effects
and support for modeling workflows, to the new ability
to create node-based representations of render passes,
to an expanded camera sequencer toolset, to a library
of new dynamically editable and animatable procedural
textures, Maya 2012 gives you tools to help explore,
refine, and present your ideas prior to final production.
Moreover, editable motion trails and new camera
rigs offer new ways to help create and fine-tune your
character and camera animations to produce higherquality, more believable content.

For more information about Autodesk Maya,

Extended Simulation Feature Sets
Create compelling dynamic effects in less time with
new simulation options in Maya 2012 that incorporate
industry-leading third-party technology, and build

upon existing in-product innovations. Take advantage
of the multi-threaded NVIDIA® PhysX® engine to
create rigid-body simulations directly in the Maya
viewport—and if you use PhysX in your game engine,
you’ll be matching the runtime solution. The new Digital
Molecular Matter plug-in from Pixelux Entertainment™
enables you to create highly-realistic shattering
simulations with multiple interacting materials.
Meanwhile, further development of the Nucleus
unified simulation framework and its associated
modules means that convincing pouring, splashing,
and boiling liquid effects are easier to achieve.
Better Pipeline Integration
New single-step interoperability between Maya 2012,
Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 2012 software, and the
Autodesk® Softimage® 2012 software’s Interactive
Creation Environment (ICE), together with enhanced
interoperability with Autodesk ® Mudbox™ 2012
software—including support for Vector Displacement
Maps in Maya—enable you to more easily take
advantage of the focused toolsets in the Autodesk®
Maya® Entertainment Creation Suites 2012. More
consistent user interfaces make switching between
these applications easier. If you’re a programmer
familiar with the Python® scripting language, you can
now enjoy easier and more powerful ways to extend
and customize Maya, thanks to an improved Python
API (application programming interface) that offers
better command writing and is up to three times faster.

Image courtesy of Nathan Love.

Key New Features in Autodesk Maya 2012
Viewport 2.0 Enhancements
Evaluate your work in a higher fidelity environment
without the need to render or export to a game engine,
with new full-screen motion blur, depth-of-field, and
ambient occlusion effects in Viewport 2.0. Other
additions are component and manipulator display,...
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