Topics: Cleanliness, Nudity, Australia's big things Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: February 24, 2014
The story begins with saying how dirty and filthy Ayemenem House as Baby Kochamma and Kochu Maria don’t even care about the cleanliness of the house anymore. All they do is watch TV and eat peanuts as if it was a competition. “ Big man Lantern, Small man Tallow-stick” was said by a coolie who met Estha at a school excursion party. Back in the present, Estha comes back after his walk outside in the rain, Baby Kochamma being her usual annoying self, told Rahel that he would just go to his room without saying a word. Rahel followed Estha to Ammu’s room. It was clean and tidy , showing that Estha regularly cleaned it. Estha went to the bathroom an started stripping off his clothes not knowing that Rahel was outside watching in fascination, she didn’t mind seeing his brother naked. He noticed Estha’s features. As Rahel continued to stare at her brother’s body, she searched for signs of herself on Estha’s naked body. She wiped away the raindrop glistening down Estha’s ear. Although he knew Rahel was here, Estha didn’t seem to care and continued to wash his clothes naked. Setting

Ayemenem House
“filth had siege to the Ayemenem House like a medieval army advancing on an enemy castle” [metaphor] “Mideges whizzed in teapots”, “Dead insects lay in empty vases”, “ The floor was sticky. White walls had turned an uneven grey. Brass hinges and doorhandles were dull and greasy to the touch.” Characters

Baby Kochamma
untidy and lazy
stopped noticing how dirty the house was
Kochu Maria
doesn’t clean the stuff even though it is dirty
Estha and Rahel
cleaned Ammu’s room
high cheekbones and hunted eyes [Estha]
never shy about being naked in front of each other
close relationship
“Big Man Lantern, Small man the Tallow-stick”
corresponding to Big Thing and Small Things
members of the family seek for Big Things (love, marriage) but same as the society they never seem to recognize the Small...
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