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Marxism & Education

Karl Marx (1818-1883)-Conflict Theory
-born in Trier

-home schooled

-attended the local gymnasium

-1835 University of Bonn

-1836 University of Berlin

-1841 receives his PhD from the University of Jena

-editor of Rhineland Newspaper

-1847 Brussels- Theory of Economic Determinism

Communist Manifesto 1849
-view of society and social class relationship


-lower middle class-aka vanguard of proletariat- a mall group of bourgeoise (small manufactures and small business owners) that would detach themselves from the bourgeoisie and would lead the revolution

-proletariats(working class)

-dialect materialism- the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat

-Marx in his Communist Manifesto predicted that the final struggle to control the means and modes of production would result in the proletariat revolution (through violent means) to produce social, economic, and political change.

-2 institutions of social repression
-the nation/state
-loyalty to the national state
-an instrument of social control and Marx’s institutions to put revolutionary theory into practice.

Neo-Marxism and educational implications
-the Hidden Curriculum

-schools socializes students into the norms and values of the dominant group and the modern capitalist culture.

-based on ________ your educational experiences may vary in terms of curricular, instructional, and disciplinary procedures.

-school serves as a center for the reproduction of the social, political, and economic status quo.

-the Hidden Agenda
-schools supports support and sponsor a market driven economy
-blackboard-the 500 lb gorilla by alfe kohn
The best reason to give a child a good school..its is so that child will have a happy childhood, and not so that it will help IBM I'm competing with Sony..there is something ethically embarrassing about resting a national agenda...
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