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Marketing Notes 1/29/12
Market Segment- a group of customers who share a similar set of needs and wants. - Internally Homogeneous ( the same)
- Externally Heterogeneous ( the different)
A Company
1) Segments a market
2) Targets a Segment
3) Positions brand for that Segment
Target Market
Segmenting- analyze market
Targeting- pick
Positioning- offering product
1) Homogeneous Demand- thinking the product appeals to everyone equally - Mass marketing
- does not use STP
- get economies of scales ( advantage)
- put all your eggs in one basket (disadvantage)
-shift in consumer tastes (disadvantage )
- hard to shift new materials (disadvantage)
Henry Ford
-lowered price
-standardized all feautures
-large factories ( hire lots of people)
-paid good wages so that workers could soon afford a model T 2) Diffuse Demand - too many preferences are different
- Find clusters that are not entirely internally homogeneous 3) Cluster Demand- where segmen
Segmentation Strategies- dimensions (categories) were use to divide the market. 3.a1 Demographics
3.a2 Behaviors and Occasions
80% customers= 20% sales
20% Customers= 80% sales

1) Platinum : few customers that spend a lot
2) Gold :
3) Silver : switch based on price
4) Lead : group-on
- attributes (features)
- image
- services ( servicing delivery)
ON EXAM: POSITIONING- POSITION OUR BRAND IN THE MINDS OF THE TARGET MARKET. - craft a value proposition - VP= statement that clarifies brand positioning - all companies have it - guides all marketing effort 10/08/2012...
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