Marketing Communication Strategies

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Marketing Communications
Differentiate – we use this strategy to differentiate our product from the competition. Remind – we use this strategy to remind and reassure customers about the product they are buying, even if they are regular purchasers. Inform – we use this strategy to provide information to customers to help them when are evaluating different options when making a purchase. Persuade – we use this strategy to persuade the customer to take action. This can be to make a purchase, enquire about a product or request a quote. Attitudes – we use this strategy to develop long term relationships with customers, by attempting to change customers attitudes towards our product or brand.

Communications Strategy –
* Define who the target audience are.
* Define the creative and media strategy.
* Are we looking at a push, pull or profile strategy (or any combination of the 3).

Pull Strategy – Marketing communications aimed at the end user. Strategies that will pull products through the supply chain. The demand is at the customer level. Helps to raise awareness of and position the brand, but don’t normally tend to make references to specific products. Message can differ slightly depending on the stakeholder being targeted. Encourages consumers to seek out the promoted offering. Tends to follow the D.R.I.P.A. process. Push strategy – This is aimed at intermediaries like trade channel buyers. It’s a different kind of communications whereas the emphasis will be on sales promotions, encouraging distributors to stock and sell your products. The push strategy is more aimed at getting the product onto the retailers’ shelves. Profile – This is a broader strategy aimed at raising the profile of the organisation as a whole, and influence a wide range of stakeholders including distribution channels. It is not usually the case that an organisation will adopt just one of the three (push, pull or profile) strategies. More often, a combination of all three in...
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