Marketing Channel Management Exam

Topics: Question, Marketing, Multiple choice Pages: 3 (580 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Marketing Channel ManagementEnd-Semester Examination
Time 2 HoursMaximum Marks – 50
1. Please answer the questions in the order that they have been asked 2. Please start each section on a new page.
3. Please write clearly and neatly. Marks will be penalized for bad writing. 4. Cross out any unwritten pages in the answer sheet.
5. Calculators are allowed to be used during the exam.
Section A 5 X 2 Marks = 10 Marks
This section consists of Multiple Choice questions. Please mark you answer in the answer sheet by writing only the option number after the question number. For example for Question 23 if you want to mark your answer as option C then write in your answer sheet 23. C 1. Most producers use ___________________ to make their products available in the market. A. detailers

B. intermediaries
C. expediters
D. agents
2. Which of these is not considered as a marketing channel member E. Retailer
F. Transporter
G. Vendor
H. C&F Agent
3. You can make a product available to the end consumer using alternative channel systems I. True
J. False
4. In general, channel power ___________________ as the channel member is closer to the consumer K. Decreases
L. Increases
M. Remain Same
N. Cannot be determined
5. Channel ____________________ arises when there is a difference in _______________ of the channel members O. Power, politeness
P. Conflict, Objective
Q. Management, education
R. Flow, information

Section B
This section consists of descriptive Questions. Please write only what is asked. As a thumb rule, write a maximum of a page for each 10 marks and half a page for a 5 marks question. 1. Define Marketing Channels. Explain how and why marketing channels are managed. 5 marks

2. What are the responsibilities of a sales executive?
5 marks
3. Illustrate the...
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