Marketing 306-Notes 2014

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Marketing 306 Notes

Week 1

1.Marketing, Communication, MC, and IMC

2.The marketing communications tools

3.The process of making brand-level marketing communication decisions.

4. Introduced the concept of a brand and brand equity.

5. The components of brand equity.
Week 2

We discussed the major demographic developments in the New Zealand population.

Children (0-14)
Slow growth (1% in last decade)
20% of population, 893,200 people

Working age (15-64)
Fast growth (13%)
66% of population, 2,929,400 people

Retirement age (65+)
Űber growth (31%)
14% of population, 611,400 people
Older segments have greater gender imbalance

77% live in NI (3.4 Mil, vs 1 Mil SI)
NI is growing faster
AKL is fastest growing region

Life expectancy is increasing
Men: 78
Women: 82.2
Median age at birth was 0 years old
Oh come on! Wake up!
Birth rate is declining
2.1 children/women in NZ
Varies across ethnic groups
Let’s skip death…

Median age getting married
Men: 29.9
Women: 28.3
New Zealanders are getting married later
Proportion of marriages that involve one/two remarried partners 31%
Proportion of de factos is growing (1996: 25%, 2006: 40%)
Approximately 2,200 civil unions in 2011
78% same-sex
Median age at divorce increasing
Men: 45.4
Women: 42.8

How demographics and geo-demographics are used in segmenting consumer groups.

Allows marketers to group people with similar age, family composition and life cycle

Combination for people with similar demographics residing in similar geographical area


Primiary school
Snack food, tooth paste, influence parent shopping habits

Power over personal and family purchases
Like to be considered cool

Young adults
Overlap with baby boomers, generation x

Baby boomer generation
General target market for ipad, import vehicles

Basic needs
People getting by on a day to day basis

A fairer deal
Think they get a raw deal out of life
Sees scape on tv, cars, tattoos

Real conservatism
Prefer to be safe, pay more for establish brands
Asset rich, cash poor

Visable achievement
Success stories
Family is important
Do not flaunt success
Interest in public affairs

Something better
People wanting something more
Competitive ambitious
Want more then what they have got

young optimism
seek to gain a respected place in society
wants to try everything
dreaming of new york

The Roy Morgan Values Segments and its usefulness

Group people into groups with similar needs, wants and consumption behaviour Allows delivery of messages to be more effective

Four actions
Separate consumers into similar product related categories
Identify consumers with similar needs and wants e.g consumers that use mobiles and internet and middle aged people that want to keep in touch with family Group them according to demographics, values and lifestyles, to understand them From those groups take the largest to support customised marketing communication strategies

The concept of positioning and the various bases that can be used to develop a positioning statement

Brand positioning
Brand is the target markets perception of the product
Its what the consumer has learnt about the brand

Product related features
Innovative product design
Superior materials
If a brand has a product advantage then highlight it

User and user imagery
Brands can be positioned in terms of unique symbolism
Brands can be positioned in terms of people who use them
People who are portraying them in the advertisement
Shampoo, use attractive women with perfect hair

Positioning via brand benefits
Appealing to the function, symbolic and experiential needs
Products have benefits that satisfy those needs

Functional needs
Provide solutions
Solving Consumption related problems

Symbolic needs
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