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Marketing Environment Audit
Part I
A. What major demographic developments and trends pose opportunities or treats to this company? What action have the company taken in response to these developments and trends? Ans.
Major demographic developments and trends pose opportunities/treats to company. At Ellingson Companies they make sure all of their employees are safe at all times. They provide their employees with regular safety training, including training that is above and beyond what is required by OSHA, and in depth training on all third party equipment including drills and plows. The Ellingson Company is clustering the technology to benefit the community. Helps to save the community money and legal ramifications. They are using advanced technologies which are ecofriendly.

B. What major developments in income, prices, savings and credit will affect the company? What actions have the company been taking in response to these developments and trends? Ans.
As the company is working in many sectors mainly related with farming so as the income of farmers increases they will spend more on things like more proper drainage system etc. If company tries to provide all services in economic cost it will help to expand the business.

C. What is the outlook for the cost and availability of natural resources and energy needed by the company? What concerns have been expressed about the company’s role in pollution and conservation, and what steps have the company taken? Ans.

Most of the services consist of working with water bodies; every measure is taken to make sure polluted water is not sourced into flowing rivers or lakes. Trees which are obstacles to complete the task are trimmed to minimum acceptance. Keeping environment in mind everything is planned and executed.

D. What major changes are occurring in product and process technology? What is the company’s position in these technologies? What major generic substitutes might replace the product?...
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