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A. Target Market

As the weather turns to summer heat, iced coffee is a great way to enjoy our favorite beverage and stay cool. While iced coffee is not new, it is rapidly growing in popularity, leading to additional options on store shelves and café menus. The ice coffee targets the following consumers. Adults men and women age 25 to 40 whom usually workers and faculty or this kind of consumers are the people we called “the everyday man” who are looking for a chill with their favorite taste of ice coffee to get them through the day. This target audience grows at a rate of 3 percent in the market. The young adult aged 18 to 24, the proposed venture position itself as a place college students can hang out , study, write term papers and meet people inside the constitution. The propose business appeals to this consumer directly through introducing technology as soon as it comes available, focusing on social networking and actively cultivating a cool image in the community. The young adult audience grows 4.6 percent in the market. Kids and teens are also a large part of the propose business. From aged 13 to 17 since most items for kids are purchased by their parent the growth of the audience market are only 2 percent. Teens meanwhile may also use the product to chill and hang out with friends or study.

Chart 1. Growth percentage of target market for Coffee (ice coffee)

B. Demand
The demand for coffee is growing now and it won’t stay cheaper forever. In a nation of coffee drinkers many people prefer to drink coffee than any soft drinks. In India, the coffee market is booming due to the increased of their coffee consumer both ice and hot. In North America 30% of students drinking coffee (ice or hot) during their spare time, even in Asia now.  According to the latest coffee statistics from the International Coffee Organization (ICO), it pours about 1.4 billion cups of coffee a day worldwide. The efforts of the International Coffee...
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