Managing People and Organizations Assessment: Definition of an Organization

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MP&O Assessment LO4
Husnain Nawaz
Definition of Organisation:
There are two type of organisation:
1. First, the entity as a whole, all types of company, plc Ltd, central, local, government, partnership, sole trader, nationalized. 2. Second, type of organisation is that the business is structured in terms of the different levels of management, the departments and tasks which are carried out within those departments. From now on this will be referred to as “Organizational Structure”. Organisational Structure:

The primary reason for organisation can be attributed to the ability that organisations, it have being able to employ the techniques of specialization and division of labour in the productive processes. These three structures of organisation like Specialisation (different departments, sections, tasks within organisation), Structure of Authority (differential of management), and Span of Control (number of employees each manger to charge of clear about his role in organisation).

Current Structure
The physical resource of company is labour is most important and it is connected with resource that the term Organisation is mainly used like specialization in (Functional Organisation).

The LTC is used to the oldest tool of organisation. It means that LTC concentrate their effort in a limited area of activities. The effect of this is that they become skilled and highly efficient (good services and high quality) which they would not otherwise achieve. LTC concentrates its expertise into a limited range of activities, plans and arranges its goods to achieve the most efficient of resources and most important element of specialization involves called the division of staff like giving good customer services by good staff. LTC use of customer services by giving good products with varieties. Which is very essential for company, illustrated the use of staff services. The targets are broken into a separate tasks and each employee have to do the given task. Like manager works to watch and keep eyes on every employee’s work as well as makes plans to increase sales. On the other hand line manager task is to follows the steps of manager looks all work which are going on in his line or department. The workers in each line have to display the goods and have to deal with each customer and have to encourage the customer to buy more. Office staff has to prepare the pay slips of employees, manage all records. All over, each employee knows his work very well. The Hierarchy:

Modern industrialised economies make great use of specialisation and economies of scale but for LTC to gain the full benefits of these techniques they also make use of another device known as the Hierarchy. It is found both in public and private sectors of the economy so that the internal structure and organisation of a nationalised industry is broadly similar to a large scale private industry. It is refer by authority, responsibility and accountability.

* Authority:
Manager and line manager have the right of selling and buying, hiring, on behalf of LTC. But they have to give receipts and explanation in the office to the person who has to make record. They also hire staff (part-timer, full timer also) with the knowledge of owner. But they could not fire an employee. Only the director (owner) of the company could do that. * Responsibility:

In LTC the tasks are divided within individuals and groups. The Manager of LTC are very responsible about the job he doing his work very with responsibility like he hired good staff of servicing, train them properly which is very important to increase sale. He always keeps eyes on staff performance, efficiency, and improvement. On the other hand line Manager has own role in responsibilities. He has to do work with the worker and have to motivate the workers of his line. He has to concentrate to achieve the given sales target. Every employee knows his duties...
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