Managing Human Resources

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The Supervisor’s Role in Management

After studying this chapter, you should be able to

Identify the level of the supervisor’s position in a management team. Describe the major competencies supervisors are expected to bring to their work. Discuss the resources supervisors must manage and the results obtained from them. Identify the key behaviors that are likely to positively affect employee attitudes and performance. Discuss the need for balancing a concern for output and a concern for the people who perform the work.

Supervisors are an essential part of the management team.

Members of a Unique Team
What is management? Why is it important?
Management is the process of obtaining, deploying, and utilizing a variety of essential resources to contribute to an organization’s success—both effectively and efficiently. Managers are deemed effective if they achieve their goals and efficient if they do so with a minimal amount of resources for the amount of outputs produced. One of the most important resources of an organization is its employees. Managers devote a large proportion of their efforts to planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling the work of human and other resources. One clear distinction between managers and other employees, however, is that managers direct the work of others rather than perform the work themselves.

Management. The process of obtaining, deploying, and utilizing a variety of essential resources in support of an organization’s objectives. Manager. An individual who plans, organizes, directs, and controls the work of others in an organization.

Where do supervisors fit in the management process?
They are an essential part of it. Supervisors perform exactly the same functions, to a greater or lesser degree, as all other managers in their organization—up to and including the chief executive. Each specific task, every responsibility, all the various roles that supervisors are called on to perform are carried out by the management process (Figure 1-1). This process is repeated over and over, daily, weekly, and yearly, and consists of five broad functions. From a supervisor’s standpoint, each function has a particular significance: Planning. This is the function of setting goals and objectives and converting them into specific plans. For a supervisor, the outcomes of planning include operating schedules, quality specifications, expense budgets, timetables, and deadlines. The planning process also establishes policies, standard operating procedures, regulations, and rules.

Management process. Covers five key functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling organizational resources for the attainment of results.


Organizing. In performing this function, a supervisor lines up all available resources, including departmental tools, equipment, materials, and—especially—the workforce. It is at this stage that connection the organizational structure of a department is designed and its work is divided up into jobs. A Source for Management Development. Access the American Management Association (AMA) site to see what this nonprofit organization provides in the form of educational forums and resources for managers.

Staffing. This is the function by which supervisors figuratively put flesh on the organizational structure. Supervisors first figure out exactly how many and what kinds of employees a department will need to carry out its work. They


PART 1 Supervisory Management


Functions in the management process. Which function demands the most of a supervisor’s time?

Organizing Controlling Goals Staffing


then interview, select, and train those people who appear to be most suitable to fill the open jobs. Leading. This function gets the blood flowing in an organization. Supervisors energize the vital human resources...
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