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Management Exam Notes – Case Study Notes – A Fallen Star Strengths
* Positive Outlooks and Goals for company growth in the Future * Long History of Successful projects at home
* Endeavour has incentives to bring in new talent
* Seeks to atone for past mistakes through using a business analyst * Large Skill base amongst employees
* Strong Reputation Locally

* Branching into areas without enough knowledge of the land or culture * Wrong focus to compete with local rivals by expanding overseas – resulting in loss of power at home * Inexperienced staff

* Staff being placed into roles in which they are unsuitable (Mike) POOR HRM * Risking a lot of resources and time by throwing university graduates into challenging first time projects * Staff Retention issues

* Heavy reliance placed upon one man (Mike)
* Company expanding too quickly to keep control of
* Reward System Non-existent
* Putting too much Organisational power into the hands of one man who cannot handle the pressures of such powers (Mike) * Lack of Employees with appropriate leadership skills
* Lack of Leadership and Teamwork all around
* Poor Organisational Structure/Job Design
* Inappropriate managerial strategies
* Easy access to a vast skill supply
* Steady Job and Project supply due to the Reputation of Endeavour and nature of the industry * Availability of outside expertise in overseas operations (Contractors)

* Large amounts of competition at home and overseas
* Unknown international environment (regulations; political risks (expropriation)


Problem Definition Table for the Case Study
Primary Problems| Secondary Problems|
* Poor Job Design/ Organisational Structure * Inadequate planning strategies (Poor managerial tactics) * Lack of Leadership and Teamwork| * Branching overseas without enough local knowledge * Wrong Focus in competing with home rivals by moving overseas * Throwing University graduates into challenging first time projects (Inexperienced Staff) * Staff Retention Issues * Reward System Non Existent * Company Expanding too quickly * Staff being put into unsuitable roles (Mike) * Too much organisational power in the hands of one man (Mike) * Poor HRM (Mike)|

Case Study Recommendations:
* Group activities and Brainstorming Sessions (For Leadership and Teamwork)

* Implement an effective reward system (Based on Quality of Work, not Quantity) focusing on Intrinsic Rewards OVER Extrinsic awards first. (For Job Design/Organisational Structure)

* Set up strategic alliances with overseas companies to gain mutual strategic advantage to avoid allow full access to foreign countries’ expertise whilst avoiding cultural and language barriers. This recommendation assumes that Endeavour Pty Ltd are fully aware of the risks of strategic alliances (Expropriation & Disagreements) (For Poor Managerial Strategies)

* Employ an exchange programme with overseas workers and within companies to promote teamwork and bring diversity to Endeavour, this is also a good strategy for establishing good relations with overseas clients and giving a chance to foreign upper management to assess business potential and opportunities (For Poor managerial strategies & Teamwork)

* Implement a mentoring programme to combat the issue of poor teamwork, leadership and staff retention issues, the mentoring will be predominantly focused on developing personal values rather than technical. (For Lack of Leadership and Teamwork and Job Design)

Reducing Resistance to Change:
* Lewins Change Theory:
* Unfreezing: Raising Awareness of the need for Change * E.G: Attitude Surveys, E-mails, Letters etc

* Change: Implementing changes and learning needed for new behaviours * E.G: Communicate and Involve...
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