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3) What advice can you give to Abu?

There are several ways in which teamwork is important and vital to the success of the company and to the development of each employee. Understanding those important elements will assist in developing company policies geared toward encouraging team growth in the workplace. Effective work teams comprise members who trust each other. Abu should trust each other well and the focus turns completely onto the task. When he begin to get suspicious about the actions of a team member, this will adversely affect the sharing of ideas. Members of the work team believe that their members have integrity, positive personality and capability. In addition, members of effective teams demonstrate high levels of loyalty and dedication to their team. They look upon team membershiap as a very important facet of their lives.

Furthemore, Abu must know how to empower the team to work well together and how to delegate the task/job to each team members. One of the benefits of strong teamwork in the workplace is that team leaders and members become proficient at dividing up tasks so they are done by the most qualified people. Without strong teamwork, it can be difficult for managers and executives to determine which staff members can best accomplish job tasks. Be sure the team members have the skills and resources they need to work well together - for example, facilitation skills, finances, support staff, executive support, access to technology and the skills to use it.

Abu also need to establish a process for the team to report on its efforts and results. The team will have to establish how they will communicate among themselves and how they will communicate their work to others (for example, minutes of meetings, e-mail, web site and list-serves).

Good communication also important of effective teamwork. Abu and team members must be capable of channelling their ideas to others in a form that is easy to...
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