Male-Male Compensatory Relationship Theory

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Male-male Compensatory Relationship Theory

I. Rationale

Among many historical figures, some have been recorded as having homosexual relationships which may or may not be exclusive to same sex. It is through constant suppression and negative connotations that many of them have been left to perish. Earliest documented same-sex relationships dates back in Ancient Greece where it was indicated that it was normal for adult males (erastes) to have younger males (eromenos) to take as lovers but does not mean it replaces marriage. In essence, “erastes generally provides education, guidance, and appropriate gifts to his eromenos, who became his devoted pupil and assistant, while the sexuality theoretically remained short of penetrative acts and supposedly would consist primarily of the act of frottage or intercrural sex.” (1) However, some engage in anal sex and fellatio.

As time passes by, religion, particularly the Roman Catholic Church made a big impact on the popularity of these practices. During the Renaissance, most European countries sentence those people caught or associated with homosexuality a painful death. In France, first offenders lost their testicles, second offenders lost their penises while third offenders were burned. According to Thomas Aquinas, sodomy is second only to murder in the ranking of sins. The Church used every means to fight ‘sodomy’. Men caught were often fined, while boys were heavily flogged.

“What survives of many centuries' persecution– resulting in shame, suppression, and secrecy– has only recently been pursued and interwoven into historical narrative.” (

Being a conservative country, these kinds of showy gestures are taboo since being a Christian colony for three hundred years and the belief in engaging in these acts are in itself a violation of faith hence, eternal damnation. Nowadays, the presence of same sex relationships being open to public is becoming part of the mainstream. Males showing affection to their male partners such as holding hands, petting and/or kissing is not that highly criticized though some still persists. Although some people ‘accept’ this kind of relationship, there are still a handful of them who cannot grasp the idea of why they engage themselves in this act.

This theory aims to explain how such behaviour occurs and why a male person tends to identify himself as a member of the opposite sex and playing out their roles. It also aims to explain how the males acquire and adapt a diverse sexual orientation relative to other males. Through looking at it in the biological, environmental, cultural/sociological, and psychological perspective, the theory seeks to elucidate the how’s and the why’s of male-male relationship as well as their sexual preferences.

II. Operational Definition

Attraction – automatic response towards a person which pulls one to have a liking to the other

Perfect and functioning family – defined as having a complete set of family members that performs prescribed set of roles associated to them

Motherly instincts – purely inherited motivational force that involves protective feminine skills which are activated when there are impending threats to cared-for individual Hostility – innate spontaneous repulsion which could either be explicit or implicit, caused by non-adherence to self constructions that result to alienation and apathy

Lying –mechanism that involves altering reality to protect self from stressful situations

Homosexuality - any enduring attraction and/or disposition exclusively to members of the same sex

Sexual orientation - a person's predominant sexual preference especially his preference regarding his sexual partner

Gender role – socially constructed set of attributes which dictates how a person is to act according to cultural and social factors

Family Dynamics – birth orders in a certain family and the number of boys as compared to girls and vice versa.

III. Conceptual...

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