LVMH: Corporate Structure and Business Plan

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The Board of Directors is the strategy body of LVMH Moët
Hennessy - Louis Vuitton SA. The competence, integrity and
responsibility of its members, clear and fair decisions reached collectively, and effective and secure controls are the ethical principles that govern the Board.
The key priorities pursued by LVMH’s Board of Directors are enterprise value creation and the defense of the Company’s interests. LVMH’s Board of Directors acts as guarantor of the rights of each of its shareholders and ensures that shareholders fulfill all of their duties.

The Company adheres to the Code of Corporate Governance for
Listed Companies published by AFEP and MEDEF.
The Board of Directors shall have a maximum of 18 members,
a third of whom at least are appointed from among prominent
independent persons with no interests in the Company
The number of Directors or permanent representatives of legal entities from outside companies,
shall be limited to four.
Apart from the selection of the Company’s management
structure and the appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing
Director(s), the principal missions of the Board of Directors are to: - ensure that the Company’s interests and assets are protected; - define the broad strategic orientations of the Company and the Group and ensure that their implementation is monitored;

- approve the Company’s annual and half-yearly financial
- review the essential characteristics of the internal control and risk management systems adopted and implemented by the
- ensure that major risks to which the Company is exposed are in keeping with its strategies and its objectives, and that they are taken into account in the management of the Company;
- verify the quality, reliability and fairness of the information provided to shareholders concerning the Company and the
Group, in particular to ensure that the management
structure and the internal control and risk management
systems are able to guarantee the quality and reliability of financial information published by the Company and to give
a true and fair view of the results and the financial position of the Company and the Group;
- set out the organization principles and procedures for the Performance Audit Committee;
- disseminate the collective values that guide the Company
and its employees and that govern relationships with
consumers and with partners and suppliers of the Company
and the Group;
- promote a policy of economic development consistent with a social and citizenship policy based on concepts that include respect for human beings and the preservation of the
environment in which it operates.
The Board of Directors shall hold at least four meetings a year Decisions by the Board of Directors shall be made by simple
majority vote and are adopted as a board.
If they deem appropriate, independent Directors may meet
without requiring the presence of the other members of the
Board of Directors.
For special or important issues, the Board of Directors may
establish one or more ad hoc committees.
Each member of the Board of Directors shall act in the interests and on behalf of all shareholders.
Once each year, the Board of Directors evaluates its procedures and informs shareholders as to its conclusions in a report
presented to the Shareholders’ Meeting. In addition, at least once every three years, a fully documented review of the work of the Board, its organization and its procedures is conducted. The Shareholders’ Meeting shall set the total amount of

Directors’ fees to be paid to the members of the Board of
This amount shall be distributed among all members of the Board of Directors and the Advisors, if any, on the recommendation of the members of the Directors’ Nominations and Compensation Committee, taking into account their specific responsibilities on the Board

A specialized committee responsible for auditing...
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