Love and Death Poem Analysis

Topics: Love, Poetry, Emotion Pages: 12 (2154 words) Published: May 9, 2013
POETRY – Poems about Love
DIRECTIONS: Discuss the attitude/tone of the poem and the theme in your small groups. Afterward, write down your conclusions regarding the tone and theme of poems about a similar subject. |“The Quiet World” |“Flirtation” |“Song: To Celia |“love is more thicker than forget” |“Neutral Tones” | | | | | | | |Jeffrey McDaniel |Rita Dove | | | | | | |Ben Jonson |e.e. cummings |Thomas Hardy | | | | | | | |The tone of this poem is much softer. |At first the poem is dark and gloomy but |Tone: Bittersweet. |Tone is soft and happy but in the end |“Love deceives” | |This is demonstrated in phrases such as |halfway through, it becomes cheerier and |Throughout the poem he is trying to tell |gets more passionate and stronger. |“On which lost the more by our love.” | |“so I slowly whisper I love you |more uplifted. |his love that there’s hope even when it |Key words: Sane and sunly, love cannot |“The smile on your mouth was the deadest | |thirty-two and a third times.” |Key Phrases: No need to say anything, My |seems dark or hopeless. |die. |thing alive enough to have strength to | |The poem also has a happier sound to it |heart humming a tune I haven’t heard in |“Suns that set may rise again.” | |die.” | |like in phrases like “I am adjusting well|years, | | |Tone was bitterness to possibly an “Ex” | |to the new way”. |Theme: No matter how bad a situation may | | |love. | |Key Words/phrases : Look into each |be, it is possible to make the best of | | | | |other’s eyes, Long distance lover, I |it. | | | | |saved the rest for you, Listen to each | | | | | |other breathe. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...
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