Lord of the Flies Study Guide

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Study Guide
Pre-AP English I
Lord of the Flies Unit Test

* The test will be comprised of forty multiple choice or character match questions worth two points each. In addition, there will be two paragraph prompts that will be worth 15 points each.

* The character match portion is 15 questions which asks you to match a quote with the character who spoke it in the novel. The quotes might come from any of the major characters. The only way to prepare for these quotes is to have read the text closely enough to have an understanding of each of the main characters.

* The multiple choice questions cover events in the plot as well as symbolism, tone, theme, imagery, and figurative language as they apply to the novel. Once you’ve read the novel and reviewed the terms below, you should be able to do well on the test.

You will also need to be familiar with the following character terminology: * Round characters encounters conflict and is changed by it, 3D, developed___

* Flat characters _minor character who does not undergo substantial change or growth in the course of a story, 2D, static__

* Static characters _character that never evolves, like Roger_______

* Dynamic characters _character that evolves, like Piggy__________

* Direct characterization _when you know what is in a character’s head_______

* Indirect characterization _when you don’t know what is going on inside a character’s head_________

You need to review Golding’s life. Please know:

* the country he is from _Cornwall, England, UK_______

* where he was educated _Oxford University________________

* the years he was alive_1911-1993___________

* the year the book was published_1954________________________

* Wars and conflicts he participated in _World War II_________________

Irony: Ralph and his fire
Situational_when an outcome is different than from what was expected__________

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