Logical Fallacies

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Explanation of Logical Fallacies
* What is logic?
* Logic is reasoning that is conducted according to strict principles.

* How is logic related to expository writing?
* When you write an expository essay, you are using logic to provide the layers of proof for your statements. * You are proving your thesis when you construct your topic sentences. * e.g., answering the “Why”, “How”, “What are they” questions about the thesis * You are proving your topic sentences when you construct your primary supports * e.g., answering the “Why”, “How”, “What are they” questions about the topic sentence * You are proving/fleshing out your primary support when you construct your secondary supports. * e.g., answering the “What do you mean”, “Tell me more”, “Why”, “How”, “What are they” questions about the primary supports * You can think of logic/reasoning as the answers to the questions that prove the thesis, topic sentences, and primary supports.

* What is a logical fallacy?
* A logical fallacy (a.k.a. rhetorical fallacy) is an error in reasoning. In expository writing, it is the wrong answer to one of the questions. There are many reasons why people come up with the wrong answers. Some of the most common reasons are listed below (see Different Types of Logical Fallacies). * Logical fallacies in writing signal two assumptions about the writer: * The writer is not honest;

* The writer is not smart.

* Uses for Logical Fallacies
* Writers of advertisements, editorials, and political propaganda will use logical fallacies to their advantage.

Different Types of Logical Fallacies
* Circular Logic (a.k.a. smoke and mirrors) – an argument in which the writer supports his/her position by partially restating it. * Another effect of academic failure is negative feelings. Depression, resulting from...
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