Topics: Gas chromatography, Ethanol, Absorption Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: November 2, 2014
1.What physical evidence did you find at the victim’s home? I found a wallet, possible flammable liquid, beer bottles.
2.Describe the process that you used to take a sample of the puddle-shaped burn pattern on the floor. Why did you also take samples from the portion of the floor that was not burned? I scraped up the material from the puddle-shaped burn, and then used tweezers to store it. I took samples from the portion of the floor that wasn’t burned to compare it to the puddle-shaped burn. 3.What evidence did the space heater provide? What did the evidence indicate? The evidence indicated that there was no electrical spark causing the fire, but that it could have been accidental from the piece of cloth. 4.What information did you gain from the pictures taken at the scene? I found that crazed glass did not prove to be arson, the heater was plugged in but that also doesn’t prove that it was on, and that the v-shaped burn is possibly the origin of the fire. The photo of the protected flooring proves that the body was there during the fire. 5.To whom did the fingerprints on the match box belong? What characteristics of the fingerprints helped you to determine they were a match? How long does the average IAFIS search take? On average, it takes about two hours to search through all of the records. The fingerprints on the match box belonged to Donald Parker. The ridges and island are just a few points that helped to determine they were a match. 6.Why is there a charcoal strip inside the containers that you used to collect the floor pieces? Why are these pieces saved after the solution has been prepared for the GC? The charcoal strip will absorb any vapors in the air space. The pieces saved after the solution has been prepared for the GC because they need to see what chemical was used in the fire to that was absorbed in the wood 7.What elements were present in the gas chromatograph from your puddle sample? How did this differ from the control graph?

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