Living in Australia in the Turn of the Century 1901-1914

Topics: Working class, Middle class, Wage Pages: 5 (1417 words) Published: July 30, 2013
How people lived in Australia around the turn of the century: * Living in 1900:
* There was 3 categories in which how people lived and where they stood: * From lowest to highest it was the working class, the middle class and the upper class. * Working class: The lowest category and lived poorly and worked for long amounts for limited amounts of money and resources. * The middle class lay in the middle and was the group of people in society that had bigger better houses on their own block of land and were quite well off when it came to money and resources. * The upper class was the highest of them all and the people who qualified to be in this category were very wealthy and proper people. * The wealthier the people were, the better housing, fashion, occupation and more leisure time they had. * This made for a more pleasant and satisfying life

* WC: The housing for the working class was small, crowded(shared with other families), dirty: no bathrooms * , no running water,
* toilet shed out the back
* , sewerage collector
* If they needed to go to the bathroom they had to walk out the back and poo or pee into a bucket in the shed!!!! * MC:
* Block of land
* Big houses with many rooms
* Toilet shed out the back
* Had an ice block fridge
* Decorative and nice furniture
* Spacious
* Bath room
* Had servants and maids to do chores
* Mantle pieces and fire places
* UC:
* Multiple houses/free standing estate
* Large mansions
* Toilet shed out the back
* An electric fridge
* Fireplaces for warmth
* Servants and a bathing room
* Very spacious and servants lived on the estate
* WC: had barely any time to spare cause they were working most of the time * Sometimes had picnics and sing-alongs but very rarely
* Swam at beaches sometimes
* MC: had time to spare on weekends and sometimes play sports like cricket and football * Dances
* Swam more often and had picnics
* UC: had spare time almost always
* Had big expensive cars.
* Swam very often, went swimming had picnics often and had tours in carriages and carted to nice places * OCCUPATIONS:
* WC: were usually labourers(farmers), bricklayers, tree choppers or delivery men * MC: Teachers, shop owners or lawyers
* UC: Land/estate owners, large business owners or judges\ * FASHIONS:
* WC: usually wore woollen suits with boots or work shoes(MEN) * (WOMEN)wore simple work dresses
* MC: The men had better suits, wore bow ties and had polished shoes * The women wore layered skirts, blouses and hats
* UC: The men had the best suits, silk ties, cravats, top hats and polished shoes * The women wore ornate dresses/bustles, hats, gloves and parasols. * SOCIAL LEGISLATION:
* From the years 1901 -1914 the different Australian governments carried out many changes that benefited the lives of ordinary white Australians. * There was a minimum wage for unskilled labourers of at least 2 pounds and 2 shillings per week. * This idea was designed so that even an unskilled worker could support his family healthy and comfortable. * Women were not included in the minimum wage idea as women did not have rights back then and were not included in laws like that. * The minimum wage was an idea that was set instead of the employers deciding the wage which could be unfair. * This is called wage fixing

* Every single Australian was entitled to:
* Civilised habits
* Frugal comforts
* Decent shelter’
* partitioned rooms
* fresh air
* water to wash in
* enough wholesome food
* provision for rainy days
* If these things did not happen for every Australian it was said that they could not claim to be a civilised society. * In 1908 there was the invalid an old age pension act.
* This act introduced an old age pension from 1909...
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