Live and Let Live

Topics: Science, Religion, Empathy Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 5, 2013
LIFE IS not as simple as it was before. With scientific and technological developments, man has become obsessive of luxurious lifestyle. Materialism has grasped all of us. It has made man insensitive to the human emotions of pity, compassion, generosity and affection. All of us want to prosper with material comforts and thus, we venture into the mad ‘rat race’.

In this materialistic world, we are governed by our instinct rather than our by conscience. This is the modern era. This is 21st century. Life has become so complicated now that even children do not have the opportunity to enjoy pure laughter. It has become easy to quieten a child now with a promise of a gift. Corruption is eating up our society. Violence has raised its ugly head in the society and a number of innocent people are falling prey to it.

So, the question arises, is our society really progressing? Not only physical violence, the number of people falling prey to emotional violence has also increased to a considerable number. The scars of emotional abuse are deeper than physical violence And yet we also see, people going beyond materialistic ambitions and sacrificing their life for the good of the Society. Mother Teresa, Baba Amte and Nelson Mandela are prime examples of human beings who have held high the torch of humanity. It is our duty to awaken all the people in the society. Man is not merely a creature who will be content with getting food, shelter and clothing. He has a soul, which needs to be nurtured. There are many good people on this earth. We should reach out to them and then all of us can save the society from decadence and deterioration. If all of us want this world to change, it would be a better place to live in. Our main motto should be LIVE AND LET LIVE.
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