Literary Terms

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literary terms

Nonfiction-literature that is based on fact (facts, true)
Examples: textbooks, biography, newspapers, magazines, and autobiography

Fiction-literature that comes from the author’s imagination (fake, not true)
Examples: short story, novels

Types of Fiction:
Short story-a piece of fiction short enough to be read in a single sitting
Novels-book length fiction

Plot-the series of causally related events that make up a story

Parts of Plot:
Exposition-the part of plot that introduces setting, characters, and situation
Rising action-the part of plot where the suspense begins to build as plot complications arise Denouement
Climax-the turning point; point where the conflict MUST be resolved
Falling action-shows the results of the climax
Resolution-ties up all lose ends

Suspense-the state of excited uncertainty

Foreshadowing-hinting about what is to come in the story
**best way to create suspense**

Conflict-the struggle between opposing forces

Types of Conflict:
Internal conflict-character vs. self
External conflict-character vs. outside force (nature, machine, another person/animal, groups of people)

Dialog(ue)-conversation between characters

Character-the people or animals that the story is about

Protagonist-main character

Types of Characters:
Minor-catalyst (speeds up reaction)

Types of Characterization:
Direct-when the author (or narrator) tells the reader exactly what the main character is like
Indirect-when the reader must infer what a character is like from what the characters think or do and what others say about them

4 Terms for Classifying Characters:
Round-many varied and sometimes conflicting traits
Flat-only has 1 or 2 traits
Static-does not change in the story
Dynamic-changes throughout story

Irony-element of fiction that occurs when something happens that is totally opposite of what is expected or appropriate in a situation...
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