Lifebuoy: Customer and Market Analysis

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Customer and Market Analysis
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Table of Content
Chapter 1. Introduction3
Chapter 2 – The Consumer Behavior Audit of Lifebuoy4
2.1 Market segment4
2.2 Product positioning4
2.3 Pricing4
2.4 Distribution strategy5
2.5 Promotion strategy5
2.6 Product6
2.7 Customer satisfaction and commitment6
Chapter 3 – Conclusion6
Chapter 4 – Reference7

Chapter 1. Introduction
Lifebuoy is one of the oldest personal care brands of Unilever, which provide affordable health solution to the personal hygiene problem crossing the whole world. The first Lifebuoy product was launched as an affordable disinfectant soap in UK in 1894 and then the product spread across the world, such as USA, India and Brazil markets. Lifebuoy launched at Australia in 1899 as a coral coloured soap. (Lifebuoy, 2010)

Up to 100+ years history reputational brand of Lifebuoy saves million of lives. In 2003, diarrhea caused up to 2.2 million people’s death every year and killed 600,000 children in India. Accordingly from the brand name, Lifebuoy kept the promise and committee to protect heath though world largest private education of Lifebuoy sponsored Health Education program. In 2008, Lifebuoy launched the first Global Handingwashing Day with United Nations and other partners. This significant day raised global recognition of how important of handwashing to prevent diseases.

In today modern time, Lifebuoy is leading the market of Asia and Africa, which the product has been proven in labs that kept the promise with killing 99.9% germs in 10 seconds. As this leading role, Lifebuoy was rewarded as “Citizen Brand” in Indonesia in 2005 for the outstanding contribution of hand wash education.

This report introduces a marketing situation of Lifebuoy in Australia, which discussed in seven different perspectives of the consumer behavior audit of market segmentation, product positioning, pricing, distribution strategy, promotion strategy, product and customer satisfaction and commitment.

Chapter 2 – The Consumer Behavior Audit of Lifebuoy
2.1 Market segment
Lifebuoy mainly aim to provide affordable soap to all household markets and target to a complete protection with anti bacterial solution. Family that has children and housewife are their potential costumer, to let them live with a good habit of handwashing and inspiring personal hygiene education. Additionally, some rural regions are a vast customer base area for Lifebuoy, due to the local inhabitants are unconscious of disease like Diarrhoea causing and personal hygiene. E.g. In developing countries, Diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections kill over 3 million children aged 5 and under each year and primary reason causing it is that people did not wash their hand properly. (UN-HABITAT, 2011) 2.2 Product positioning

Lifebuoy has a long history up to 100+ yeas and especially it was sold in Indian market in 1895. (Kumar 2011) In the early age, Lifebuoy positioned itself as an affordable antibacterial soap that packaged as a red brick with carbolic ingredient and unique smell. It targeted at the health and value platform of low income costumers with its outstanding antibacterial qualities. Many customer were attracted and preferred buy the quality Lifebuoy product. However, as more and more competitor entered into the soap market, Lifebuoy lost its competitive. Brands such as Safeguard and Dettol offered not only the quality antibacterial soap but also provide the great features of fragrance and soft texture. These quality-featured soaps beat Lifebuoy in a short time and Safeguard sooner became the first antibacterial soap in the market. To fight back, Lifebuoy decided to lower its price, it actually worked at that time that short term boosted its sales. However, the low price decision left customer a low brand value and credibility.

In 2008, Lifebuoy start to...
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