Level 5 Unit 517 Questions

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What is Person Centred Planning

Person centred planning is a set of approaches designed to assist someone plan their life with support. It is most often used as a model to enable people with disabilities or otherwise requiring support to increase their personal self determination and improve their own independence. It discovers and acts on what is important to the person. In dementia care is a key aspect of best practice. It is a way of caring for a person with dementia as an individual with unique qualities. It means looking at the world from the person’s point of view ‘standing in their place’ as it were and appreciating how they may be feeling. Instead of treating all people with dementia the same – it makes the care you give ‘individual’. It encourages the person to do as much for themselves as possible, it makes the most of the person’s strengths. It highlights the importance of communication, as carer’s we must communicate as well as possible, explaining what we are doing. It encourages us to share our day with the person. Person centred care planning helps the person with dementia to be an individual, to, feel part of a community, carrying on with activities they have enjoyed before. Person centred planning reminds us to treat the person as we as an individual would like to be treated. The overall aim of person centred planning is “good planning leading to positives changes in people’s lives and service’s. (Ritchie et al, 2003)

How does legislation / organisational policy effect person centred planning

Legislation/ Policies that effect person centred planning are: Valuing People: a new strategy for learning disability for 21st century – a government white paper published: 20th March 2001. It is based on 4 key principles: •Civil Rights

Valuing People takes a life long approach, beginning with an integrated approach to services for disabled children and their families and then providing new opportunities for a full and purposeful adult life. It has cross government backing and its proposals are intended to result in improvement in education, social services, health, employment, housing and support for people with learning disabilities and their carers.

Valuing People Now: a three year strategy for people with learning disabilities, published by the department of health 19th January 2009. Valuing people now sets out the government’s strategy for people with learning disabilities for the next three years following consultation. It also responds to the main recommendations in ‘Healthcare for All’, the independent inquiry into access to healthcare for people with learning disabilities. Valuing people now explains what the government thinks should happen to make things better for people with learning disabilities. It explains what the government will do and what it expects different services to do. Living Well with Dementia: a national dementia strategy. A government strategy published 3rd February 2009. The strategy provides a strategic framework within which local services can •Deliver quality improvements to dementia services and address health inequalities relating to dementia. •Provide advice, guidance and support for health and social care commissioners and providers in the planning, development and monitoring of services. •Provide a guide to the content of high-quality services for dementia. The government has identified dementia as a national priority. This is a five year strategy is for people with dementia, carers, health and social care professionals, anyone affected by dementia. The strategy has three key steps:

Ensure better knowledge about dementia and remove the stigma •Ensure early diagnosis, support and treatment for people with dementia and their family and carer’s •Develop services to meet changing needs better

Residential Care Home – Minimum Standards, January 2008 also have an effect on person...
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