Level 2 City & Guilds

Topics: National Insurance, Taxation in the United Kingdom, Employment Pages: 5 (1774 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Ai| I could use websites such as www.directgov.com or www.ndna.org.uk, talking to work colleagues and reading relevant books or newspaper articles. | Aii| a)| Holiday and sick pay, maternity/paternity leave and the working conditions within your employment.| | b)| The banning of unfair treatment and help to achieve equal opportunities within the workplace, and for the employee to be given a written statement of particulars of employment by the employer no later than two months into the employment.| Aiii| Employment law exists so that there is no exploitation, bullying/discrimination of employees, and to protect the employer. | TASK B|

Bi| (describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement)| Bii| The information which needs to be shown on your pay slip/statement is as follows;| | ------| A ‘personal information’ section, which shows information such as my name and home address, so that even if I were to be on long-term sick leave, I would still be able to receive my pay slip. My tax code and national insurance number, so that my employer knows how much tax and national insurance contributions to deduct from my pay.A ‘payment’ section, which shows the actual payment of my pay I would receive before any tax, pension and national insurance contribution deductions. This part also shows how my pay is calculated, and any bonuses I have earned.A ‘deductions’ section, which shows any deductions which has been taken from your pay, such as tax, pensions, national insurance deductions, trade union subscriptions, ect. A ‘year to date’ section which shows how much I have been paid so far in that specific financial year.A ‘net pay’ section, which shows how much pay I have left to ‘take home’ with me. | Biii| Two changes in which I would have to inform my employer of is my home address and contact numbers.| Biv| If I wanted to raise a grievance at work, I would first, if applicable, raise my grievance to the Senior Nursery Nurse within the room which I am in, who would then try to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, I would then raise my grievance to my manager(s), where the issue would be investigated fully, and tried to be resolved. I would then receive a decision regarding my issue, within the following ten working days. If I am not happy with the decision made, I have the right to appeal to the Director or Sunbeams Day Nursery within five working days. I would then be invited for a further meeting with the Director and a more senior manager than who attended the first meeting, unless the most senior manager attended the previous meeting. Following this appeal meeting, I would be informed of the final decision, in writing, normally within ten working days.| Bv| 1)| Data Protection – The company computers are password protected, so only certain members of staff have access to them. If I were to use the company’s computers, I would not be allowed to use it for personal use such as, email (unless it is a company email/matter), or social networking sites. Also, all personal details and information of staff and customers/clients are stored within locked filing cabinets within the company office.| | 2)| Grievance – if I feel dissatisfied with any matter relating to my employment I have the right to raise a formal or informal grievance. I should first raise the matter with the senior nursery nurse within the room I am situated in. If the issue is not resolved, I should then raise the matter to my manager(s), fully explaining the nature and extent of my grievance. I would then be invited to a meeting at a reasonable time and location, at which my grievance would be fully investigated. I would then be notified of the decision of the meeting in writing within ten working days of my meeting, which includes my right to appeal against the decision. If I then wish to appeal against the decision, I must inform the...
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