Lesson Plan on Speaking and Listening Activity

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Lesson plan
Class : Year 2 Rosmah
Time : 10.15-11.00 am.
Date : 9th June 2013
Focus skills : Listening and speaking
Other skill : Writing
Theme : World of knowledge
Topics : Hooray! We are back
Teaching aids: Recording, picture cards, sentence strips,

By the end of 6-Year schooling students should be able to:
1.1 Pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm, and intonation. 1.2 Listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal situations for variety purposes. 1.3 Understand and respond to oral texts in variety of contexts.

1.1.1 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.
1.2.1 Able to participate in daily conversations:
(a) Express apologies
(b) Talk about oneself
(c) Introduce family members and friends

1.3.1Able to listen and to demonstrate understanding of oral texts by; (b) Giving TRUE/FALSE replies.

OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able;
(a) To talk about people and themselves
(b) To make polite requests

Set induction| 1. Teacher plays a tape recording of making requests. 2. Students listen attentively and ask questions if unclear.| Presentation| 1. Teacher asks students what they can hear from the tape recording. 2. Teacher asks students if they ever hear such conversations in their daily life. 3. Teacher gives explanations about the content of the tape recording which is about making polite requests. 4. Teacher shows to students few examples of polite requests sentences strips such as “May I borrow you RM3”, “Can you lend me RM 3”, “here you are”, “Thank you”, “You are welcome”, “I am sorry, I don’t have any”. 5. Teacher makes few other examples of polite requests sentences based from the sentence strips. 6. Students repeat after teacher requesting for...
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