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Form: 2 Bestari Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012 Time: 9.00 am -9.30am

Level: Advanced level.
Theme: Chapter 13 [Waste Not, Want Not]
Topic: Teach sentence construction using teaching material
Language skills: For Informational Use – Construct sentence in Simple Future Tense General Objective: Students will be able to use both active and passive voices of Simple Future Tense. Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1) Construct a sentence in active voice of Simple Future Tense 2) Construct a sentence in passive voice of Simple Future Tens

Moral values: Self-reliance, cooperation and courage, environment awareness. Educational emphasis: Thinking skills, Writing skills and Knowledge acquisition. Previous Knowledge: Students already know how to construct sentence using subject- verb agreement Reference: KBSM English Language Textbook Form Two

Teaching Procedure
SET INDUCTION(5 mins)| Teacher greets students.Teacher initiates discussion on the topic ‘Brown, Orange and Blue’Teacher asks the students on their opinions or personal experience. | Students reply teacher’s greetings in an appropriate manner.Students respond to the topic in front.Students provide responses to the pictures displayed.| DEVELOPMENT (30mins)Activity 1 ACTIVITY 2ACTIVITY 3CONCLUSION (5mins)| Teacher tells the students the new topic they are going to learn today that is “simple future tense”. Teacher teaches students to construct sentences in Simple Future Tense.Teacher will write down some more examples of sentences in particular tense (eg.: She is going to reuse the newspaper as book wrapper. )Teacher asks students to add up their examples. Teacher asks...
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