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                At the end of a 60-minute period, the students will be able to;

a.        Define Lyrical Poetry as a song;
b.       Appreciate the value of expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions through the powerful medium of songs; and c.        Write a song based on their own feelings.

REFERENCE:*Skyways to Effective Communication in English III,                                 Leonarda Herrera Cruz and Lolita Cruz Arbozo, page 145
*World Literature
Linda R. Bascara, Ph. D.

MATERIALS: Power point Presentation
White board, marker
Copy of the song, speaker

A. Preliminary Activity

1. Prayer
“Jett will you please lead the prayer…”

2. Greetings
“Good Morning class…”

3. Checking of Attendance
“Is anyone absent for today?”

4. Cleanliness
“Please pick up the pieces of paper under your chair.”

5. Assignment
“Did I give you assignment yesterday?”

B. Motivation

“I would like all of you to listen to a song, then after that you will answer the worksheet that I will be given to you, if you already know the song its better, but if not you can take down notes.”

(The teacher will play the song.)

“After listening to the song, you can answer your work sheet.”

“Fill up the blanks, complete the song as you’ve heard it. Understand?”

“I will give you 10 minutes to answer it.”

“What is the title of the song that you’ve heard?”

“Yes, Very good!”

“Why do you think the song is entitled that way?”

“What message is being relayed by the song?”


“What is this song telling you?”

“How will you describe the feelings of the one singing the song? Why?”

“What words in the song support that, that is the feeling of the singer?”


 “What do you think the reason why people write a song, Jeff?”  
“You’re right Jeff! Some people write songs to express their feelings and emotions whether sung on purpose or just a product of their imaginations.”

C. Lesson Proper

Recap/ Review
“To start, can somebody define what a poem is?”

“Very good! All your answers are correct. So a poem is highly expressive, written in verse, and it is arranged with a rhyme and meter.”

“There are classifications of poetry. So what are those?”

“Wonderful! All your answers are correct. We have Narrative and Lyric Poetry.”

“Earlier we have heard a song, right? Which among the types of poem could we classify a song?”

“Great! That is right we can classify a song as lyric poetry.”

“What is a Lyric Poetry?”

“Great! Definitely it is expressing of personal thoughts and feelings of the one who write it and lyric poetry is meant to be sung.”

“And song is one of the classifications of a lyric poetry.”

“So what is a song?”

“Yes! It is the language of the heart.”

“What else?”

“Yes! Definitely! Song is a short lyric poem intended to be sung and it has that particular melodious quality required by the singing voice.”

“So in song there are important factors that we should consider to interpret it.”

“What are those?”

“Right! Very good!”

“We need to know first the genres. What are the genres in a song?”

“Let’s go back to the song ‘A thousand Years’ what genre it is?”


“And what is the next?”
“Great! You should know the general theme of the song? What do you think is the general theme of the song A thousand years?”

“Do the lyrics of the song achieve the overall theme that the song wants to express?”

“How about the musically of the song? Does it appeal to your emotion?”

‘How does the melody affect the general mood of the song?”  

“Very nice! Well that is correct because the writer express his/her feelings showing or telling that he/ she is afraid and...
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