Leaving Cert Ecology

Topics: Organic chemistry, Europe, Chemistry Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 31, 2014
(TOPICS TAKEN FROM THE FOLLOWING) IRISH (P) Exam layout and guidelines Gramadach An Scal Paper 1 An Romhphost Pearsanta An Leamhthuiscint Paper 2 Pros Ainmnithe Paper 2 Filiocht - Ainmnithe Paper 2 An Chluastuiscint ENGLISH (H) Paper One Composing and Comprehending Hamlet Selection of Poetry (Boland, Yeats, Kavanagh, Dickinson, Frost, Rich) Comparative Study Guidelines No specific texts Poetry Sample Essays Unseen Poetry Essay planning Exam questions and techniques MATHS (H) Paper 1 Algebra Q12 Matrices Imaginary Numbers Q3 Differentiation Q6 7 Paper 2 Trigonometry Exam questions and techniques HISTORY (H) Topic 2 - European Nation States and International Tensions Topic 3 - Irish The Impact of Partition and the Pursuit of Sovereignty Topic 3 European Dictatorship Democracy Case Studies India Exam questions techniques GEOGRAPHY (H) Part 1 Short Questions Global Interdependence (Option) Ordnance Survey Section 1 Physical Plate Tectonics Rock Cycle Rivers/Glaciation/Coast Short questions Section 2 Regional Ireland Concept of a region Core/Periphery Mezzigiorno Paris Basin India MATHS (O) Paper 1 Algebra Functions Differentiation Paper 2 (Project Maths) Trigonometry Line Circle Probability Statistics 7 questions covered out of 12 Exam questions and techniques (Topics taken from the following) FRENCH (H) Vocabulary Grammar Revision Reading and Listening Comprehension Writing techniques for diary entries and formal letters. Wide range of topics covered for reaction questions Exam questions and techniques Sample answers for written section Tips for French OralsPHYSICS(H) Electricity Magnetism Heat Temperature Nuclear Physics Option 1 Particle Physics Exam questions and techniquesCHEMISTRY (H) Inorganic Chemistry Reactions Organic Chemistry Mechanisms Preparations Calculations involved in organic chemistry. Organic Chemistry Reactions. Exam questions...
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