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6 Sure Ways to Get Your Degree Faster
Many people choose distance learning for its convenience and speed. Online students are able to work at their own pace and often finish faster than traditional students. But, with all the demands of daily life, many search for ways to complete their degrees in even less time. Having a degree sooner may mean making a larger salary, finding new career opportunities, and having more time to do what you want. If speed is what you’re looking for, check out these six tips to earning your degree quickly: 很多人选择的距离和速度为方便自己学习。在线学生能够在自己的工作步伐,往往快于传统的学生完成。但是,所有的日常生活需求,想办法,甚至更少的时间完成学位许多搜索。拥有一个学位越早可能意味着更大的薪金,寻找新的就业机会,并有更多的时间去做你想要的。如果速度是你要找的是什么,看看这六个秘诀,赢得您的程度迅速: 1. Plan your work. Work your plan. Most students take at least one class that they don’t need for graduation. Taking classes unrelated to your major field of study can be an excellent way to expand your horizons. But, if you’re looking for speed, avoid taking classes that aren’t required for graduation. Check (and double-check) your required classes and put together a personalized study plan. Staying in contact with your academic advisor each semester can help you stick to your plan and stay on track. 计划你的工作,做好您的计划。大多数学生至少选修一类,他们不需要毕业。以类无关的主要研究领域可以是一个很好的方法来扩大你的视野。但是,如果你要寻找的速度,避免采取不给予毕业所需的类。检查(和仔细检查)的必修课,把你的个性化学习计划一起。在保持联系与您的学术顾问,每学期能帮助你坚持你的计划,并留在轨道。

2. Insist on transfer equivalencies. Don’t let work you’ve done at other colleges go to waste; ask your current college to give you transfer equivalencies. Even after your college has decided what classes to give you credit for, check to see if any of the classes you have already completed could be counted to fill another graduation requirement. Your school will probably have an office that reviews transfer credit petitions on a weekly basis. Ask for that department’s policies on transfer credits and put together a petition. Include a thorough explanation of the class you have completed and why it should be counted as an...
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