Leadership Tenets

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Of these, self-awareness (emotional selfcontrol, accurate self-assessment, and selfconfidence) will be most tested by the Ten Tenets of Leadership.

Tenet #1: Respect people. Trust them.
All of the other tenets are based on this first one. People want to do a good job. And they will work hard to succeed. This is a basic assumption about human behavior that is either believed or not believed. My experience in industry tells me that this is absolutely true, from the factory worker to the boardrooms. But circumstances and environment will spoil this, as people begin to feel ineffectual. When people feel they cannot succeed, they will stop trying. They may even become cynical and destructive. The job of a great leader is to create the environment to make success possible, and trust people to rise to the occasion. There are many reasons that leaders fail in this regard. But interestingly, our failure says less about the worthiness of others than it does about who we are. Leaders must have a high level of self-awareness as part of their EI, and confidence that giving trust and respect to others does not diminish a leader’s position.

Ten Tenets of Leadership
Larry Pendergrass, Keithley Instruments, Inc.
Effective Leaders
Throughout your career, you have probably had the opportunity to follow some great leaders and others that were less than stellar. Watching a great leader in action can be inspiring. And being subjected to a terrible leader can be depressing and demoralizing. Still, we can learn from both experiences, if we spend the time to examine carefully what we observe, avoiding the mistakes of poor leaders while emulating the actions of the best. This paper describes Ten Tenets of Leadership that I have found to be essential in the management and guidance of a wide cross-section of people, from the highest performers to the less inspired. They are drawn from personal experience, from watching leaders around me, both great and small, and from reading the works of excellent leaders of the past. I continue to strive consistently toward these ideals. And although I fail sometimes, having this compass in hand has regularly aided in better alignment of my leadership rudder. You may observe, as I have, that today there are leaders of some notoriety who do not follow these tenets. And you may ask how they could be successful without them. I think it’s worth remembering that leaders can get results in many ways. Some use ways that optimize for the short term at the expense of the long term, while others plan well for the future. Just because a leader is getting results today, does not mean the future outlook will be as grand. Follow these ten tenets and you will get the most of your people today, and you will pave the way for continuing excellent performance.

Ten Tenets of Leadership
My Ten Tenets of Leadership are: Respect People; Trust Them. Manage by Objective. Enable your People. Keep your Commitments. Demand Constructive Contention. Focus on Doing the Right Thing for the Company, not your Career. 7. Encourage Innovation. 8. Create an Environment for Success. 9. Display Uncompromising Integrity, and no Separation. 10. Become Redundant. As you will see in this article, there is more to each of these tenets than just a few words. Each will test the leader’s Emotional Intelligence 1 (EI). EI is a wonderful structure to describe the essential “soft skills” necessary for success in nearly every area of life. It is also an excellent framework for a discussion on leadership, and encompasses four competencies: 1. Self-awareness 2. Self-control 3. Social awareness 4. Relationship management 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Tenet #2: Manage by Objective
Share the objective (meaning the end goal you have in mind) with the individual, and engage them in creating the best solution. Be directive (that is, dictating the exact method of approach) only when necessary. No one...
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