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Management Unit 6 Study Note:
Leading Basics
Leadership: The process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks * One of the four functions that constitute the management process * Planning: sets direction and objectives

* Organizing: brings resources together and turn plans into action * Leading: builds the commitments and enthusiasm needed to accomplish plans Controlling: makes sure things turns out right

Vision: A term used to describe a clear sense of the future
Visionary Leadership: Brings to the situation a clear sense of the future and an understanding of how to get there * Visionary leaders inspire others to take the actions necessary to turn vision into reality Power: The ability to convince someone else to do something you want, your way. Position Power: Temporary forms of power such as reward power, coercive power, and legitimate power. Personal Power: Permanent forms of power such as expert power and referent power Reward Power: Rewarding good behavior with compliments or assets Coercive Power: Deterring bad behavior with punishments or negative feedback Legitimate Power: Applying good behavior through the use of authority and rights of office Expert Power: Supporting good behavior through example, advice, and experience Referent Power: Inspiring good behavior through personal respect, integrity, and admiration Keys to Developing Position Power:

* Centrality: Establishing a broad network of contacts and getting involved with important information flows * Criticality: Taking good care of others
* Visibility: Becoming known as an influential person
Empowerment: The process through which managers enable and help others to gain power and achieve influence. Important Leadership Traits:
* Drive
* Self-confidence
* Creativity
* Cognitive ability
* Business knowledge
* Motivation
* Flexibility
* Honesty and integrity
Effective Leaders: Provide information,...
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