Leader Analysis Sheet

Topics: Han Dynasty, Great Wall of China, Han Chinese Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: June 24, 2013

Leader Analysis Sheet
|Name of Leader: Shi Huangdi | |Lifespan: 259-210 BC |Title: Emperor | |Country/region: China (Qin Dynasty) |Years in Power: 221 BC – 210 BC | |Political, Social, & Economic Conditions Prior to Leaders Gaining Power | |Prior to Shi Huangdi ascending to power in 221 BC, China was a socially, politically, and economically fragmented society with several competing factions. | |Inter-community trade was limited, and political infighting was more common than not. In fact, this period in Chinese history was aptly named “The Era of | |Warring States.” | | | | | |Ideology, Motivation, Goals: | |Shi Huangdi sought to unite China under one ‘stable’ rule. He also aimed to reform the Chinese power structure; instead of relying on a ‘feudal’ system, | |Huangdi centralized power so that he was able to make more executive decisions. | |...
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