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“Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”
-Richard Rodriguez
The author is a scholar, essayist, journalist, and television commentator. In this essay Rodriguez writes about his childhood experience as a bilingual child. He tells us about going to school without having a good English education. He is forced to start speaking English at home with his parents and he feels like he loses being so close to his family. “Politics and the English Language”

-George Orwell
The author is a writer, was a teacher, and was educated in England. In this essay Orwell argues about how the English language isn’t accurate and that the political writers of modern English prose use vocabulary that are not precise and necessary and the result is a lack of precision. He criticizes our language. Although this essay was written many year ago, we can still apply what Orwell has to say to today’s society. “Mother Tongue”

-Amy Tan
The author has an MA in linguists, has worked as a business writer, and is a best-selling author. In this essay, Tan shows us a mother daughter relationship and she accentuates the idea that we all speak different languages unconsciously and that we are categorized by the way we speak. She talks about her mother’s “broken” English although it doesn’t reflect her intelligence. Her mother as an influence Tan decided to write her stories for people like her, people with “broken” or “limited” English. “From Decolonising the Mind”

-Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
The author is a novelist and a playwright with a good education. Ngugi describes language as the carrier of culture. Whether written, spoken, or in body-language is all used to define different culture because language expresses a culture’s standards and values, something that anyone else wouldn’t understand. “Always Living in Spanish”

-Marjorie Agosin
The author is an author and a professor. In this essay Agosin tells us about how her family migrated from Chile the United States and in Georgia her accent caused...
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