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CHM130 Lab 6 Exploring Density Name A. Data Tables Place your completed Data Tables here Part IIIa (3 points) Volume of water in graduated cylinder (mL)10 mlMass of rubber stopper (g)11.15Volume of water and rubber stopper (mL)16.5 Part IIIb (6 points) Volume of water in graduated cylinder (mL)20Mass of iron nail (g)3.66Volume of water and iron nail (mL)20.5 Part IV (20 points) Type of Aluminum FoilMass (g)Length (cm)Width (cm)Volume (cm3)Thickness (cm)Regular.63g15 cm 10.02 cm.21 cm3.0014 cm Heavy Duty.97g15 cm10.01 cm .36 cm3.0024 cm B. Follow Up Questions Show all work for questions involving calculations. Part I Use the concepts/vocabulary of density to explain why the liquids formed layers in Part I of the procedure. (8 pts) The liquids formed layers because they all had different densities. The liquids with light density were towards the top of the layers. What was the control used during the liquid portion of Part I of this experiment (8 pts) (Hint What did you do the same with each liquid to ensure a fair comparison) The control used during the portion of part I was the amount of liquid used. Rank the following in terms of relative density (9 pts) Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) lowest relative density Liquid dishwashing detergent- intermediate relative density Dark corn syrup-high relative density Vegetable oil-second lowest relative density (intermediate) Glycerin-second highest relative density Rubber stopper- second highest relative density Cork stopper- low relative density (ended up with the alcohol Wood- low relative density (ended at the top with the rubber alchohol. Lead- highest relative density Part II (7 pts each) In Part II, what happened to the cans of soda when you placed them in water Use the concepts/vocabulary of volume and mass to explain the final positions of the cans in the sink full of water. The diet soda floated in the water while the regular soda sank. The regular soda had a higher relative density than the diet soda. Describe three controls between the two cans of soda that helped to ensure a fair test in Part II. Both were the same size, ensured that there were no bubble under them, and they were both the same kind i.e. diet Dr Pepper and regular Dr Pepper What was the independent variable during Part II Explain your reasoning. The independent variable in this part of was whether the soda was diet or not. It was the variable we had control over, that we chose and that we could change. Part III (7 pts each) Calculate the density of the rubber stopper using the density formula. (Hint the volume of the rubber stopper can be found by subtracting the volume of the water alone by the volume of the water/rubber stopper.) You must show all your work. 10ml 16.5 ml 6.5 g/ml Calculate the density of the iron nail using the density formula. (Hint the volume of the iron nail can be found by subtracting the volume of the water alone by the volume of the water/iron nail.) You must show all your work. 20.5 ml 20ml .5 g/ml Prior to completing this portion of the lab, did you think a rubber stopper or iron nail is more dense Now that you know which is more dense, what must be true of the particles that make it more dense I though the nail would be denser than the rubber stopper because it is made of metal. However that was not the case. The particles in the rubber stopper are packed closer together therefore there are more particles that make up the rubber stopper. Part IV The accepted value for the density of aluminum is 2.699 g/cm3. Using this density and the masses of your two samples of aluminum foil, calculate the volume of aluminum in each sample the regular vs. the heavy duty. (Note You will have to use a bit of algebra and the formula D m/v for this calculation) You must show all your work. (15 pts) DM/V Regular( 2.699 g/cm3 .63g 2.699V .63 V .21 cm3 V 2.699 2.99 HD( 2.99...
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