Lab 1

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Use a study guide only please and note two of the answers are wrong regarding conversions.!! Up to you to figure which ones. Just know its nice to compare answers to see if your on the right track.

1. Describe the function of the following pieces of safety equipment and how each might be used: (10 points) a. Eye Wash (2 points)
a. The function of the eye wash station is to flush your eyes of any chemicals or other harmful liquids you may have gotten in your eyes. You would put your eyes over the wash station and with your eyes open flush them out for at least 15-30 minutes. b. Fire Blanket (2 points)

b. The function of the fire blanket is that in the event of a small fire you can throw it over the fire and smother it out. c. Shower (2 points)
c. The shower’s function is to flood your body with water incase you are on fire or have spilled a chemical on your body. You should stand under the shower activate it and let it rinse your body for 15-30 minutes. d. Chemical Spill Kit (2 points)

d. The function of the chemical spill kit is to clean up any chemical spills. You use the kit by wearing the appropriate safety attire and using the neutral clean up product provided in the kit to clean the spill. e. Biological Spill Solution (2 points)

e. The function of the biological spill solution is to destroy any viruses or bacteria. The 10% bleach solution is used to disinfect to prevent spreading viruses or bacteria on lab tables for example. 2. Briefly describe a situation when each of the following waste disposal containers would be used and give examples of the waste involved: (4 points) a. Broken Glass Container (2 points)

a. A broken glass container may be used at a doctor’s office where medicine bottles that are made of glass may be disposed of. Or in a science lab where it is possible to have broken microscope slides made of glass. b. Biological Hazards Materials Container (2 points)

b. A biological hazards material container may also be found at a doctor’s office where dirty syringes used to draw blood may be disposed. 3. Metric Measurements: Perform each of the following conversions. (24 points) a. Given that one inch = 2.54 cm. State the student's height in inches and then convert to centimeters. (4 points) a. I am 5feet tall. 12 inches in one foot. 12 x 5= 60. So I am 60 inches tall. 2.54 cm in one inch. So 60 inches / 2.54 cm = 23.62 cm. I am 23.62 cm tall. b. The width of a normal sheet of paper is 8.5 inches. Convert this length to kilometers. (4 points) b. 2.54 cm per 1 inch. So 8.5 inches /2.54 cm= 3.35 cm. 3.35cm x 1,000 km = 3,350km. A normal sheet of paper is 3,350km in length. c. A lab exercise in BIO156 required 300 ml of water that was poured from a two-liter container. How many milliliters were left in the original container? (4 points) c. 2L=2000ml 2000ml-300ml=1700ml. So 1700ml of water was left in the original container. d. A typical can of soda is 355 ml. how many liters are there in this can of soda? (4 points) d. To find how many liters in 335ml of soda you need 1/1000 of the 335ml. So 335ml= 0.355L. There are 0.355 Liters of soda. e. The weight of a small bag of sugar is 2.265 kg. The student is baking cakes for a college scholarship fundraiser. It takes 100 grams of sugar to make one small cake. How many cakes can be made from a single bag of sugar? (4 points) e. One kilogram is equal to 1,000 grams. So 2.265kg is equal to 2,265.0g. 2,265.0g / 100 g = 22.65g. So 22 small cakes can be made from a single small bag of sugar. f. The student is conducting a nutrition experiment using lab rats. One group (control group) is fed a normal diet, while the other group (experimental group) is fed a diet high in protein. There were 30 rats total used in the experiment. At the end of the experiment, the average mass (weight) of a rat in the...
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