Lab 1

Topics: Temperature, Thermodynamics, Water Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Experiment 1:
Basic Laboratory Techniques

Briana S. Golar

Laboratory Partners:
Dayreal Brown
Valerie Marcellus
Andrew Thompson

January 16, 2013

Introduction: The intent of the experiment is to sucessfully understand that chemistry is an experimental science which is dependent upon certain observation and the use of good laboratory techniques. The experimenter should become familiar with basic operations necessary throughout this course. The objective of this experiment is to acquire the use of common and simple laboratory equipment. Brief Procedure:

A Bunsen Burner: Examine burner, locate gas and air flow, determine the operation of each valve. Connect the Bunsen burner to a gas tap using a piece of rubber tubing.Close the needle valve and the air vent. Open the gas valve. Open the needle valve 1-2 full turns, listening for the sound of gas. Using the striker, light the burner. The flame of the Bunsen burner should be yellow and irregular in shape. Open the air-hole slowly while adjusting the color of the flame until it changes to blue. B The Graduated Cylinder: Examine a graduated cylinder and notice that it is scribed in milliliters. Fill the cylinder approximately half full with water. Notice that the meniscus (curved surface of the water) is concave. The Lowest point on the curve is always read as the volume, never the upper level. Avoid errors due to different and erroneous readings are obtained if the eye is not perpendicular to the scale. Read the volume of water to the nearest 0.1 mL. Record this volume. Measure the maximum amount of water that your largest test tube will hold. Record the volume. C The Thermometer and is Calibration: Place ice in beaker and cover the ice with distilled water. Allow about 15 min for the mixture to come to equilibrium and then measure and record the temperature of the mixture. Theoretically, this temperature is 0°C. Set up a beaker...
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