Kyoto Protocol Debate

Topics: Australia, Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Good afternoon ladies. My fellow team mates and I strongly agree that Australia needs to sign the Kyoto protocol in order to assure that it will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. I will be talking about the situation nationally.


Now to my first point, the Kyoto protocol will have a large affect on the Australian industry.

John Howard has told parliament that the Kyoto protocol would cripple the resource industry and cause jobs to disappear. This is certainly not the case. By failing to sign the Kyoto protocol, Australia will lose trade partners and jobs as well as international competitiveness which will all badly affect the Australian industry. Some firms may be driven offshore with a consequent loss of Australian jobs and profits. The industries which would stand to benefit if Australia ratified the Kyoto protocol, or on the other hand stand to lose from Australia’s failure to ratify, are those in the field of sustainable or renewable energy. Such businesses would have enhanced opportunities if Australia was able to participate in projects that will be lost if Australia fails to ratify the Kyoto protocol. It has been suggested that under the protocol flexibility mechanisms, ratifying countries would preferentially trade amongst themselves. These countries include our major trading partners, competitors and emerging market forces such as India and China, therefore causing Australia to be excluded if it failed to ratify. Evidence has suggested that China is showing a preference for investment from firms located in countries that are parties to the protocol. Ms Fiona Wain of Environment Business Australia stated that she was very concerned that trading was going to be denied to Australian companies at some levels and very difficult to access in other ways. By failing to sign the Kyoto protocol Australia will find it difficult to trade with countries that have ratified the protocol.

Witnesses for the sustainable and renewable energy...
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