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Topics: South Dakota, Oklahoma, Great Plains Pages: 6 (1537 words) Published: September 30, 2013
New Concerns in the North, 1868-1876
Grant’s presidency was filled with bribery, fraud, and corruption—his subordinates, not him personally; he had few political skills His sec/state named FISH! Convinced England to pay America $15.5 mil. for Confederate ships they damaged during the war Previous president annexed Alaska, so Grant tried to annex Dominican Republic and failed.

The Liberals’ Revolt:
Liberal Republicans (free trade, hard money, supply/demand)—thought Reconstruction was complete, said corruption was bigger problem Liberals/Democrats supported Greeley, but he died. Grant won the election—passed Amnesty Act, allowed Confederates to hold office

The Panic of 1873:
America was full of industrialization, speculation, econ. growth, especially railroads—transcontinental finished in 1869 Owner of Transcontinental/Largest bank’s costs outran investments, so the bank failed, triggering the Panic of 1873 Americans used yellow bank notes, which had a gold value, and green, which did not. The “sound money” policy would get rid of all green This favored investors but hurt indebted farmers, who needed this easy money Public Credit Act made the government pay back government bonds (IOU’s) in gold coin, not greenbacks—eliminated silver dollar “Free-silver” advocated passed Bland-Allison Act, partially restored silver coins The Greenback Party was created, fought to keep greenbacks in circulation

Reconstruction and the Constitution:
Ex Parte Milligan said military courts can’t work when there’s civil ones. Texas v. White said Reconstruction was Constitutional The Slaughterhouse cases happened when Louisiana gave one slaughterhouse a monopoly and shut all others down. Butchers argued that the state took their occupation w/o due process. Court ruled that the 14th amendment protected national rights, not states. The Court eventually nullified Civil Rights Act/1875 and Ku Klux Klan Act—dismantled Reconstruction policies

Republicans in Retreat:
The Reconstruction ideas faded along with the radical Republicans—no one on either side wanted black equality

Reconstruction Abandoned, 1876-1877
“Redeeming” the South:
Though the Democrats—between Bourbons and the “New South”—were divided, they still had a common goal: get rid of the Republicans Dems used intimidation, promising to cut taxes, terrorizing black voters, and scare tactics to gain support back Dems deprived Repubs of black votes—labor contracts could deny political involvement, elections could be public, used threat of eviction Dems used their power to repeal Republican policies. They weakened blacks so they could have a strong black labor force The exodus movement tried to impose a form of servitude similar to slavery—“Exo-dusters” (blacks) fled from these areas to Kansas

The Election of 1876:
Repubs nominated Rutherford Hayes, Dems nominated Samuel Tilden. Tilden looked like he would win, so the Repubs challenged the votes from S. Carolina/Florida/Louisiana. The Dems then challenged Oregon’s vote so they could win. CRAZYYYY! Both sides were full of fraud, and Congress would decide. Dems threatened a filibuster, so politicians created a compromise The Compromise of 1877 said Hayes could be president if the military was removed from the South -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Native Americans and the Trans-Mississippi West

The Plains Indians:
The Plains Indians depended on family and tribal cooperation Many hunted bison, but settlers threatened this—systematically hunted; William “Buffalo Bill” Cody

The Assault on Nomadic Indian Life:
Settlers made government redo its Native American policies—concentrate them in reservations, use force Some tribes accepted this, but some like the Navajos and Sioux fought back Sand Creek—Colonel Chivington massacred peaceful Indians to retaliate against previous attacks Medicine Lodge...
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