King Lear as a Tragic Hero

Topics: King Lear, William Shakespeare, John Hurt Pages: 2 (1275 words) Published: October 26, 2014

MD.Arafat Habib
Rukhsana Rahim Chowdhury
ENG 217
5thth February 2014
King Lear as a tragic hero.
“The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanch and Sweetheart – see, they bark at me.” When a king finds himself to be in such a position that even the dogs bark at him seeing his distresses, you can easily understand the tempestuous situation of his mind. King Lear is tragedy of emotions where we find a mighty king disclaiming his youngest daughter from his parental care and suffer greatly due to the betrayal of two elder daughters. King Lear is affirmed as a successful tragic hero because of his Hamartia that leaded towards his downfall and reversed his fortune, recognition of an essential truth, punishment that exceeded his crime. First of all, King Lear is a tragic hero because of his hamartia that helped precipitate his downfall. Lear had the utmost position in the society and was a noble person. Subjects loved him very much as we saw them helping the news of his distresses pass to his youngest daughter Cordelia. Lear was such a subject loving king that even being shelter less in the stormy night with extreme mental agony, he thought that he should have done more for the homeless poor people of England. Lear had imperfections also because without having imperfections audience will never find a tragic hero reflecting theca normal human being. The fatal flaw (Hamartia) of King Lear was his pride. When the youngest daughter Cordelia expressed her true love to her father rather than flattering him for the portion of the kingdom, the king’s pride was struck with a big blow as he wanted show in front of everyone how beloved he was to her daughters especially to the younger one. Finding his pride broken into pieces, Lear got angry and disclaimed Cordelia from all her inheritance and parental care and said, “Here I disclaim...
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