kinesthetic intelligence

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Indicators of a "kinesthetic intelligence" or body smarts: Talented or aptitude for moving your body or handling objects Well-developed and well-coordinated physical and motor skills Can be effectively used for communication and productivity

Highly developed physical memory
(Images in your thoughts can involve movement) Besides in athletes and dancers, kinesthetic intelligence is found in
inventors, lab technicians, and architects;
physical therapists, chiropractors, surgeons, and dentists;
actors, sculptors, jewelers, and gardeners;
those in mechanical, construction and crafts trades;
and of course in do-it-yourselfers.   How can your kinesthetic aptitude, intelligence, and skills,
be applied to a successful academic life? With time management:

Complete our exercise in scheduling
No "performer" would prepare for the big event without a training program and schedule.
Intentional, balanced scheduling is the foundation of the successful athlete or performer: the same principle applies to learning There are strategies you can develop and use
to be a successful (kinesthetic) learner: Develop routines and habits for learning
Schedule when you study, what you study (begin with easier subject matter to build confidence)
Simplify instructions down to basics, and build up from there
Practice and repeat basic elements to strengthen recall Be directly engaged; move and act things out
Jump in and try things; learn by trial and error
Ask for real-life examples, or for an idea to be demonstrated if you don't understand
Seek out courses with labs and field trips
Ask your teacher for printed summaries lectures, or alternative methods to get the same information Involve all of your senses in learning.
Use a hands-on approach constructing or modeling things
Use concrete objects as learning aids
Use your hands to explain things; your body to act things out Be proactive in writing things down
Put examples in note summaries
Use pictures and photos to illustrate points
Talk about...
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