Kentucky Youth Assembly

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The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to identify personal behavior that is consistent with the purpose and objectives of the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. The items within the Code are designed to protect the welfare of the program for current participants and future generations. A participant’s personal behavior reflects upon one’s self, one’s Student YMCA, and the Kentucky YMCA. Registration in any Kentucky YMCA conference program indicates personal acceptance of the Code of Conduct. Any student sent home for violation of this Code will be at the expense of parent or guardian.


1. Each delegate shall conduct himself/herself in an orderly and responsible manner before, during, and after all functions of the Kentucky YMCA conference programs.

2. All participants share the responsibility for their actions equally when violations of the Code are witnessed. Those who choose to be present when a violation occurs and do not immediately act to remedy and report the violation shall, by their own choice, be considered participants in the violation. In relation to this Code, there are no “innocent bystanders.”

3. No delegate shall leave a Kentucky YMCA function unless the approval of his/her advisor AND the director of the program is secured. The delegate must be picked up and returned by a parent or legal guardian who must take responsibility for the delegate in writing.

4. Each delegate is legally and financially liable for the removal, defacing, or willful damage to public or private property. Any act of vandalism, destruction of property, or misuse of a facility may be a crime and will be treated as a potential criminal violation.

5. Food (including gum and candy) and beverages other than water (including those sold by the hotel) are not permitted in any meeting sessions.

6. Cell phones, music players, or other wireless communications devices are not to be used during any meeting session.

7. The use of tobacco products, burning of incense, possession of alcoholic beverages, and the use of legal or illegal drugs not in accordance with a prescription is forbidden at any Kentucky YMCA function.

8. Youth delegates may not enter rooms other than those assigned by the Y-Staff or advisor.

9. Physical intimacy between participants of any gender is inappropriate at all times while at Kentucky YMCA Youth Association Programs and is prohibited.

10. All delegates shall be in and remain in their assigned rooms by scheduled curfew and doors shall remain closed until scheduled end of curfew.

11. Badges shall be worn ONLY by the individual whose name is on the badge. Badge switching or sharing is strictly prohibited. Participants will wear their assigned badges at all times when they are not in their sleeping rooms, and must be visible at all times. Badges are to be worn around the neck and are not to be defaced, decorated, or altered in any way. Only advisors can request replacement badges. There may be a charge for replacement badges.

12. Unless there is a fire, participants will not pull the fire alarm. Pulling a fire alarm is a serious offense, and any participant who does so will be held financially and potentially criminally liable. Hotel alarms automatically summon the fire department and create a great inconvenience and fear for the hotel and other guests.

13. Use of personal vehicles by students during Kentucky YMCA conferences is strictly prohibited.

14. Weapons of any kind and items that could cause injury or damage to participants and/or property are strictly forbidden.

All violations of this code of conduct are to be brought to the attention of the Y-Staff. Participants found to be in violation of the above expectations will be subject to disciplinary actions at the discretion of advisors...
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