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ENGL 1030
Name _Casey Suddarth ______
Dropbox Assignment: Juno
Watch Juno and answer all of the following questions. Type your responses in the spaces provided. Be sure to review the guidelines in the syllabus for dropbox assignments. Remember that each answer should be one well-developed paragraph and should be longer than the question it answers. Complete the assigned textbook readings before you start, and show that you understand and can apply the concepts studied.

Discuss how cinematic language communicates to viewers that Juno had decided against an abortion. No one ever says, “Juno has decided not to have the abortion.” In the scene where Juno visits the clinic (starting with her encounter with Su-Chin), how does the film show us Juno’s decision-making process? At what point do we know what Juno has decided? In other words, what do we see and hear in the scene that communicates what Juno is thinking?

Once Su-Chin tells Juno about the baby having fingernails, Juno seems to be shocked. In the waiting room, she notices everyones fingernails tapping, scratching, being painted, and the viewer can see that she is bothered by this. As she runs out of the clinic and Su-Chin cheers her on for her decision to leave, she gives the impression that her mind has been changed. We officially know her decision once she tells her best friend that she can't go through with it.

Give examples of how Juno comments on American culture. Specifically, what does the film say about traditional family structures or the way families are changing in our country? Further, what does Juno say about the American value of rugged individualism or self-reliance: the notion that our success or failure depends on our own actions.

The family in Juno is representative of the modern day family in America. They aren't completely in shock by her news of being pregnant, but at the same time they are not fully accepting of it. A traditional American family would have...
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