Jefferson vs. Hamilton

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: October 22, 2014
George Washington
Foreign Policy
1793 - Neutrality Proclamation
1794 - Jay’s Treaty
The British promises to get out of U.S. in Northwest
U.S. promises to pay back loyalists
No promises in the West Indies
Anger from the Jeffersonians
Fear from the Spanish
1795 - Pinckey’s Treaty
Gives us access to the Mississippi River
George Washington
Farewell Address
Avoid long-term permanent alliances
Be aware of political parties
Leaves and goes back home
Dies in 1799
Election of 1796
John Adams - federalist
Thomas Jefferson - democratic republican
John Adams wins the Presidency and takes the Oath to Office in March Hamilton runs a group called “The High Federalists” (war like federalists) The XYZ Affair:
John Adams sends John Marshall to meet the French Foreign Minister - Maurice Talleyrand Maurice Talleyrand sends 3 marshals to meet with them. The marshals try to make them give them a quarter million to see him. John Marshall says no way and turns around

John Adams says “Million for defense, but not a cent for tribute” This is the creation of the Navy and it brings back the Marines. They name the 3 marshals X, Y, and Z. This is the creation of the XYZ Affair. Undeclared War with France 1798 - 1800

During this time period France seizes our vessels. We wait and build up strength. Convention of 1800
Jefferson’s Foreign Policy
British - harasses American shipping and conducts impressment of American sailors French - harasses American shipping
In 1806
British have orders and council
If any country trades with the French or is in French ports then their vessels will be seized •French put forth the Milan Decree
any country that trades with the British or is in British ports then their vessels will be seized 1807 - Embargo Act
Even though New England dislikes the embargo act the most, the whole country suffers under the embargo act 1809 -...
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