Jefferson vs Hamilton

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Jefferson vs. Hamilton
Democratic Republican vs. Federalist


Jefferson acted with democratic simplicity; he made his image plain and disliked people claiming positions that they didn’t deserve. He won the 1804 reelection easily
Jefferson eliminated the feeling of majesty surrounding presidency Views
He was a political genius, and worked as leader of his party to give the Republicans in Congress direction. Money
Washington and Adams had increased national debt and taxation. Jefferson countered this in 1802 by having Congress get rid off all internal taxes, leaving only land sales and customs duties He also cut government spending, which resulted in cutting the debt in half. Military

Jefferson scaled down the armed forces and the navy, because he feared limiting civilian freedoms and government. This also promoted overseas trade instead of agriculture. At same time, he established US Military Academy and built up the navy after threats by pasha of Tripoli (rulers in Libya), which occurred because Jefferson’s end to paying ransom demanded by pirates. Social Composition

Jeffersonians, for the most part, were artisans, shopkeepers, frontier settlers, or owners of small farms in the interior regions of the South and West. Government (Democratic Republican)
Jeffersonians favored a form of government that was more democratic than that of England. Jeffersonians thought that the common people were capable of self-government. They wanted to establish a small property owner's democracy. Jeffersonians desired to increase the opportunities for the common people to participate in government by lowering voting qualifications. Jeffersonians favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution to limit the powers of the central government and conserve state rights. Jeffersonians wanted to reduce the number of federal officeholders.


Social Composition
Hamiltonians, for the most part, were merchants, bankers, manufacturers, or...
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