Jeff Buckley Grace Revision Sheet Elements of Music

Topics: Heavy metal music, Electric guitar, Rock music Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: October 5, 2014
The first two notes are mp
The first verse if mf
The pre-chorus/transition is f, as is the chorus
The dynamics repeat similarly throughout
The ending is a decrescendo
Distortion, delay and flanging on the guitar
Voice distortion near the end of the song
Synth Strings playing the background chords (also towards the end) Ghosting to create odd sounds in the background
Bass guitar
Drums (repetitive, syncopated patterns, drum rolls on the snare, regular use of the toms) Synth strings
Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Vocals (male tenor, strained at times for effect)
The chords come from ideas played on a guitar so they look complicated written down but are simple to play Many chords are chromatic and move in parallel motion  (The first 4 bars move in parallel motion) Some of the harmonies are dissonant e.g in the chorus an E and an E flat are played together Guitar uses power chords, which is when the tonic (1) and the dominant (5) are played together. The Guitar uses drop D tuning

There is a drone in the verses in the lead guitar; where the chord moves but some open strings are played across different chords MELODY
Vocal improvisations (through two octaves from a low D up to a high E (? I can’t read my own handwriting!) Descending sequences (gives a melancholy feel and works well with the word painting Glissando and ornamentation

Melisma on “love” – emphasis
Mostly scalic with jumps for emphasis at the beginning of some phrases PERF. TECHNIQUES
Strained sound
Pizzicato (also used by synth strings and bass guitar)
Hammer ons/pull offs
Scoops on the tremolo arm (whammy)
The piece in 12/8
Syncopation is frequent in vocal melody and bass line
Cross rhythms through two against three rhythms (quavers against dotted quavers) Dotted rhythms (Bass guitar in bar 4)
Bass drum beats on 1+3
Snare accents on beats 2+4
Cross rhythms between...
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