Topics: Film, Actor, Energy Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: June 10, 2014
The reading that I decided to summarize is called “The Emergence of the Star System in America” by Richard DeCordova. The topic is very useful because it emphasizes the idea of the star system. The system includes different kinds of information that was created about actors. The evolvement of the system was influenced and developed through three transformations like “the discourse on acting, the picture personality and the star” The reading is significant because the write takes the reader thought the journey about what perception of film actors used to be before 1907 and how the concept of performers kept evolving and changing till the year of 1914. The first transformation is the discourse on acting. DeCordova argues that before 1907, film actors were not popular and all the “journalistic discourse of the time focused primarily on the scientific aspects of the apparatus”). It was assumed that films were products that did not have any involvement of human labor until the rise of another discourse in 1907, the importance of the labor in film production. The discourse led to a new knowledge which created a “struggle destined to resituate the site of textual productivity for the spectator away from the work of the apparatus itself” Another very important aspect is that at the time all those who appeared in films were called picture performers and their activities were described as posing because the activity of acting in film was known only in terms of photography due to “struggle between a photographic and a theatrical conception of the body” (DeCordova, p 19). In 1908, a huge decrease in demand of documentary films led to development of dramatic films. It led to a huge popularity of people who appeared in films and who had a blend of the profilmic, filmic and the real stories. The blend led to strengthening of the concept called the picture performer and acceptance of the fact that the “art of actingcould be translated to...
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