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OSI Model
Kenneth Andrews
August 8th, 2013
David Lindsey

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Appendix C

OSI Model Key Terms Table

Use the table to define the key terms related to the OSI Model. Describe the functions of any hardware connectivity devices and tools listed.

Term| Definition| Function (if applicable)|
Physical layer| Allows hardware to interact with physical device | Communication of sending and receive data from physical hardware.| Data link layer| This layer handles errors that are could be formed in the physical layer.| Flow control for Synchronous| Network layer| Allows procedures which allow data to be transferred from one network to another. | Allows, maintains and closes network links between networks. | Transport layer| End to end error recovery | Combats error handling and flow of network traffic. | Session layer| Connection and session coordination. | Allows users to setup control and end a link and is in charge of user authorization.| Presentation layer| Changes data from the application layer to typical formats and encrypts information| | Application layer| Supports applications and end-users.| This layer can allow connection requests or access file transfer services.| Signaling| Method for utilizing electrical, light, energy, or radio waves to convey data in between networked computers.| Electrical signals are possibly the most typical. They can understand data by the current state or the transition method.| Synchronous| Data Sent or received to occur in Regular intervals| | Asynchronous| Data that is send and received irregular intervals. | | Bandwidth| The amount of information that can be carried on a medium.| | Point-to-point topology| Two nodes that are linked together directly on a network| Used in a Peer-to-peer network| Multipoint connection| Three or more devices are connected by a single connection.| Helps with device identity| MAC| Media Access Control is...

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