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ISSC340 Week 1 Assignment (3% of Grade)APUS/Sanford

Lesson 1 Review: Overview of Local Area Networks
The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about local area networks technologies.

1.What are the main architectural components of a LAN? (Minimum word count: 60)

In order to for a system to participate on LAN, you must have the following architctual elements. 1.A network operating system- An operating system that manages network resourses and enables the provision of service.

2.A network interface card- A device that serves as the interface between a computer and the network

3.Transmission medium- Is needed in order for the network host to send and receive data and consist of either wired or wireless mediums.

2.Describe the function and characteristics of a network operating system (NOS). (Minimum word count: 100)

The functions and characteristics of a network operating system or (NOS) for short are explained by the following;

Directs recourses within a network and enables the provision of services to one or more clients. The NOS is broken down into two different components; 1.Server Component – Considered to be the more complex component of the two that runs on a server and can complete the following task. A.Manage multiple users

B.Provide access to file and print servers
C.Provide services such as internet access
D.Implement network security

2.Client Component- The client component runs on the client machine, and enables the client to participate on the network.

3.Match each term below with the correct definition.

Answer: 1 - C__2 - _E_3 - D__4 - _A_5 - _B_
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